Week 3 Blog – Group 22

The Group 22 Pigeons had a spectacular third week. On Monday everybody arrived with a full tank of gas, ready to zoom our way through the week. There was one thing we were all looking forward to, and that was the overnight. Everyone was so excited and was already talking about what they had packed for the upcoming event. It all started with soccer where we practiced our footwork by doing a fun New Jersey snag drill in order to prepare us for the next competitive match.
Tuesday started amazingly at gardening where we picked weeds from the ground. We learned that the weeds take nutrients away from the plants that we want to grow. Even when it began to pour on our heads we remained positive while we did arts and crafts in the warmth of the shelter.
On Wacky Wednesday, we all came to camp dressed in blue in order to represent Unit 3. The Yomi carnival came to camp and we bounced in the bouncy house, slid on the slide and ate cotton candy, popcorn and snow cones. After that, we played field games against other groups, and we defeated Group 25 in a game of Steal the “Challah.”
Thursday was the most exciting day of the week, as we anticipated our long-awaited overnight. It all began after our Yomi electives when we got on the buses that took us to Lucky Strike Bowling Alley. We had a lot of fun knocking down pins and getting high scores. We then came back to camp, which was remarkably empty. We enjoyed our picnic dinner, which consisted of hot dogs, chicken burgers and veggie burgers in the field at the center of camp. The boys and girls separated and we prepared for bedtime. Once our sleeping bags were set up and we put on our jammies, we headed to the bonfire where we sang and cheered while eating s’mores fresh out of the fire and watched our counselors face off in goofy sword fights. Finally, we headed off to our sleeping bags where we had story time before we hit the sack.
We awoke Friday morning to blazing sunshine. We enjoyed our breakfast before heading off to a swim in the pool. We headed back to the unit where we met up with our arriving friends before heading off to a fresh day of camp fun. At archery, we all took turns trying to shoot the bull’s eye like Robin Hood. Next, we had Shabbat where we settled down for the end of overnight. Nelson taught us a new Despacito Shabbat song while we ate challah and drank grape juice. Finally, we prepared for dismissal and said goodbye after a long 48 hours of camp togetherness. The Group 22 Pigeons will rest up this weekend and return to camp, arriving with even more spirit than last week.

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