Blog: Group 3, Week 3

Group 3, the Astro Aliens, blasted through another amazing week here at Camp Yomi! We kicked it off by channeling our inner zen at Yoga, mastering poses like downward dog, cat/cow, and more! Later on, we showed off our best dance moves at Zumba, free styling with our counselors and friends! Zooming through the week, we took a stop at Pioneering and explored a beautiful hydroponic garden, where we also learned about Israel and its water sources. This week in Photography, group 3 snapped some amazing portraits of each other. As the Astro Aliens drew closer to landing for the week, the campers dominated the counselors in an epic soccer showdown! Finally, we closed this week with an amazing send off from the Shabbatones, and we ate some yummy challah and grape juice! From wacky carnivals to splashing around in the pool to fun in the sun, it’s always a party in Unit K!

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