Blog: Week 3, Group 2

Group 2, The Shining Stars, started the new week off with a bang as we welcomed new faced to our group! Despite the hot weather, we got into our “Up In The Air” theme by making snowy winter collages during fun station. We then used some more of our creative ideas in Jewelry Making and making hand bowls in Ceramics. We got to learn about the green screen and get loud during Film Making where we pretended to be going on a huge roller coaster! Then, in an epic World Cup Final rematch, the campers took the counselors on and won once again! On Wednesday, we had so much fun at the Carnival, getting face paint, glitter tattoos and going on the wacky carnival rides. The day only got better from there because we got to go on the Mini Zip! Then on Thursday,  we learned how to dribble at Basketball. In the afternoon we got to plant our very own seeds in the garden, and then we had a blast learning how to drum during Jewish Music. Shabbat was as fun as ever on Friday as we listened to our favorite songs and ate delicious challah. We can’t wait to see what next week brings for The Shining Stars!

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