Group 11 Blog – Week 3

The Shining Sharks had a ton of fun this week!  Our week started off with a bang with Lacrosse where everyone had a great time playing steal the bacon.  Then we went to Circus Arts, which no one left without a smile on their face. On Tuesday we hit home runs at baseball before rolling into Gymnastics where we became mini American Ninja Warriors on an obstacle course!  Finally, we roamed the campgrounds taking beautiful pictures and just managed to beat the storm. Wacky Wednesday was awesome! Our whole unit was wearing red and everyone loved the bouncy house and huge slide!  Campers also got to eat yummy snacks, like popcorn and cotton candy!  After the rides, we went and played a ton of carnival games, everything from sack races to sand art. We even got glitter tattoos! Thursday was just as fun, it started with arts and crafts, and after that everyone got a thrill on the mini zip.  The day ended perfectly with a nice refreshing swim in the pool.  We all ate well on Friday, when we made fruit tarts at cooking and learned about water at pioneering.  We finished our amazing week off with Shabbat! We can’t wait for next week!  Have a great weekend! 

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