Group 9 Blog – Week 3

Group 9’s third week went fabulously well, from going to carnival on Wacky Wednesday to playing baseball on Thursday. This week was just full of fun and amazing moments with the kids, we made bracelets at jewelry making on Monday and cheered the afternoon away while it was raining on Tuesday. Seeing the smiles on the campers faces is the highlight of every counselor’s day!  On Thursday, we got to put our creativity to the test at Arts & Crafts and practice our exercises at Pop Fit Kids! Friday has to be the most exciting day of the week, because it’s shabbat!! This is where the kids get to sing together and dance their little hearts out. The counselors in group 9 are excited to see what the remaining weeks have in store for us and the campers, and what fun lies ahead of us. We hope everyone has an amazing weekend!

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