Group 8 Blog – Week 3

Hey, families! This week The Super Starfish had an amazing week 3 of Camp Yomi.  We kicked off the blazing week with our hilarious Improv Laugh It Out activity which showcased our outstanding acting abilities.  We got to find out our favorite animals, season, and sport by acting it out without talking! Tuesday, as a group, we played a successful game of baseball, and, to be honest, our group is full of future MLB players!   Wacky Wednesday was utterly a blast for us, turning our campgrounds into a marvelous carnival!!! All of our campers enjoyed all the tasty snacks such as popcorn, cotton candy, and flavored ice cones while participating in carnival activities such as jumping in the big bouncy house, feeding an elephant, bag racing, receiving colorful tattoos, and ended the day with 2 new prizes!!! Thursday was kicked off by shooting some hoops during basketball and making jump shots like Stephen Curry!  To see everyone celebrating for one another is just amazing, because everyone is coming together like a true camp family. This week was so much fun!  We can’t wait to continue this great summer next week with all the fun activities we have lined up!  Have a great weekend!

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