Group 15 Blog, Week 1B

The Valiant Voyagers (group 15) flipped into our second week at camp at
gymnastics where we learned to jump to the stars and crawl like a
bear! We took all of that energy and excitement to improv where we created
our own crazy skits to act out to the group. While flying through
filmmaking, we turned invisible! Soon after we landed in the sandy
beaches of volleyball where we played an awesome game of newcomb just
before heading to lunch. We cheered all the way to Mets field before
docking at the cool waters of the pool. Tuesday we started off at
outdoor ceramics where we made heart bowls that we decorated with our
own beautiful individual designs. We soared down to basketball where
we practiced our dribbling skills and ran some drills. We sang our way
over to cooking where we decorated sugar cookies in red, white, and
blue sprinkles in honor of the 4th of July! We made a pit stop at
pioneering before making our way back to the shelter for lunch. We
jammed out with Nelson and his instruments singing can’t stop the
feeling, count on me, and despacito until it was time to take off to
our final destination for the day, the pool. Unfortunately, thunder
stopped us from getting into the pool, but it didn’t stop us from
splashing in the sprinklers with all of our friends from the entire
unit! Wednesday was the 4th of July where we hope all campers had  a
relaxing day off and enjoyed the fireworks! It was like group 15 had
time traveled when we also began Thursday with ceramics where campers
made everything from sea turtles to flying turtles! Each camper flew
to their own destination for hobby hour and came back with incredible
stories about what they had done. We came back together as a group to
learn new skills in lacrosse before it was time for a delicious lunch.
Kickball was a blast as we raced around the bases kicking home runs!
As we started to get closer to the end of our day, we played with a
beach ball in the refreshing water of the pool until we had our first
instructional swim period of the summer! We can’t wait for another
week of having fun and eating popsicles and hope all of our amazing
campers and their families have a wonderful weekend!

Hey All You Yomi Fans! 

The swim team is so excited to dive into summer, and into the pool! We’ve had so much fun at the pool already; we can tell it’s going to be a super sunny and sensational summer at Camp!

Each day, campers have a free and instructional swim period. Campers receive swim instruction from American Red Cross Certified lifeguards and instructors. After each camper is evaluated on their swim skills, they are placed into their appropriate swim groups with respective bracelet color.

The swim levels are:

Blue: Wader, Splasher, Guppy

Orange: Tadpole, Minnow, Goldfish

Red: Catfish, Dolphin, Marlin, Barracuda, Shark, Killer Whale If you have any questions, feel free to email me Nina, Swim Director, at or leave a voicemail at 212.415.5643 ext 3.


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