Group 13 Blog, Week 1B

Group 13 had an amazing time this week! We started off the week with archery, where we showed our skills with a bow and arrow. We had a early Fourth of July celebration in cooking and made red white and blue sugar cookies; they were delicious! Later we relaxed with some wonderful yoga and batted hard at baseball! Sure, it rained. But that can hardly be said to have stopped us! We had a great time running around in the sprinklers and we cheered the LOUDEST even with thunder and lightning in the background! Jumping to gymnastics we had a blast, we got to hobby hour and did activities like basketball, gardening, and ceramics. We then went to kickball and it was so much fun to kick around and play games with our group. But let’s not forget one of the best parts of camp: THE POOL. We splished and splashed and played with beach balls. It’s was refreshing and so much fun! We can’t wait for the weeks to come!

Love, group 13


Hey All You Yomi Fans!

The swim team is so excited to dive into summer, and into the pool! We’ve had so much fun at the pool already; we can tell it’s going to be a super sunny and sensational summer at Camp!

Each day, campers have a free and instructional swim period. Campers receive swim instruction from American Red Cross Certified lifeguards and instructors. After each camper is evaluated on their swim skills, they are placed into their appropriate swim groups with respective bracelet color.

The swim levels are:

Blue: Wader, Splasher, Guppy

Orange: Tadpole, Minnow, Goldfish

Red: Catfish, Dolphin, Marlin, Barracuda, Shark, Killer Whale If you have any questions, feel free to email me Nina, Swim Director, at or leave a voicemail at 212.415.5643 ext 3.

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