B1 Blog Week 2

The Omegaladons of B1 started week three fully revitalized from the weekend! On Monday we greeted our new members and headed off to tennis! After running around on the court, we headed to the shade to take a class on coding. We then all walked to the pool for the first instructional swim of the week. For lunch we had some delicious baked ziti which was almost all devoured before my co-counselor had a chance to dig in! After lunch we all separated to go to our respective majors. After our majors we gathered on the field and went to free swim, where many of our campers enjoyed the waterslide for the first time this summer. After swimming, we dried off and hopped back on our busses. Tuesday started off with a special event as we gathered in the amphitheater for our group picture! We hurried to our next activity, nature, where we got a tour of the campgrounds, often stopping to inspect the interesting flora around us. After our nature walk, we gathered our things and headed to the pool once again for instructional swim. For lunch on Tuesday we had chicken fingers and string beans, and once again many plates were cleared by our campers before my co-counselor and I had a chance to sit down and eat! With full stomachs and smiling faces, we all went off for our minors. We wrapped up the day with free swim, which turned out to be the final free swim of the week. On Wednesday we escaped the heat in the morning by going to jewelry making, where our campers made custom bracelets. We then headed to the basketball courts for a rousing game of knockout! After basketball, we were all happy to jump in the pool for instructional swim. For lunch we had make-your-own veggie pizza, and this time my co-counselor and I were wise enough to divide the food among the campers before it was all gone. We then went to our majors for the last time this week. Unfortunately the pool was being cleaned during our last free swim, but we all put on our bathing suits and ran, jumped, and slid through the sprinklers at the campsite! Finally, on Thursday we all hopped on our busses and headed to Pinemere for the first day of our overnight trip. We ate turkey sandwiches on the bus, and as soon as we arrived we headed to the ropes course! After a quick break, we participated in dance, made animal friends at the farm, and jumped in the lake for some fun times on the inflatable rafts. We closed out the day with pasta and smores by the fire!

The campers have been lovely throughout the week and my co-counselor and I are happy to be working with the campers!

Jeremy Brown-Adams and Jared Silverman-baer

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