B1 Blog Week 4

Hello once again B1 Omegaladons!

We started off this week with a partially rainy day on Monday. Yomi Seniors held indoor/in shelter electives during the morning to keep campers dry. By lunchtime, we were lucky enough to have clear skies so we all hopped in the pool for free swim before heading back to the city. On Tuesday, we started off our day with soccer, followed by a coding lesson. We all then headed to the pool for instructional swim. For lunch we had chicken nuggets, which the campers ate happily. After lunch we had our minors, followed by free swim once again. Unfortunately on Wednesday it rained once again, so we once again had indoor/ in shelter electives. We had an early lunch of pizza, then we all got on our buses for a fun time at Dave and Buster’s! Thursday was our first official theme day of Mad Scientist! We all gathered for our themed activities, such as science Jeopardy. After instructional swim we had lunch, followed by archery and Basketball. Finally we wrapped up the day with free swim.

Summer with B1 has been incredible, I am always looking forward to the next day with campers!

Have you ever wondered what it is like to ride a bus to camp? You should ask one of the buses that recently won bus of the week. Bus of the week can be earned for many different reasons, some of which include: being spirited, being organized, having fun, being friendly, and inclusive. Our “spies” ride the buses each week looking out for all of these different things. On Fridays at dismissal it is tradition that Yomi Bear appears at camp and helps announce the bus of the week winners. If your camper’s bus wins Bus of the Week, make sure to congratulate them – it’s a big deal in our world!


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