G4 Blog Week 4

Hey hey terrific triceratops!! Even though the weather wasn’t on our side this week, it was still a great end to the first session!! On Monday the triceratops were allowed to pick a rainy day activity for the morning, which included improve where they created stories together and dance around! On Tuesday the triceratops had ceramics, they created their own mugs and customized them to make it their own. After, the triceratops headed to high ropes and beat the camp record with a whomping 16 seconds! On Wednesday the triceratops headed to Dave and busters where they played games! Thursday was Mad Scientist day!! The triceratops dressed up as minions, as apart of our group costume! They watched a mad scientist show and was able to show off their skills by making SLIME!! On Friday, the triceratops enjoyed their time at Shabbat and swimming in the pool! For the triceratops leaving us this week, enjoy the rest of your summer and good luck in school!!! Hope to see you next summer!

Have you ever wondered what it is like to ride a bus to camp? You should ask one of the buses that recently won bus of the week. Bus of the week can be earned for many different reasons, some of which include: being spirited, being organized, having fun, being friendly, and inclusive. Our “spies” ride the buses each week looking out for all of these different things. On Fridays at dismissal it is tradition that Yomi Bear appears at camp and helps announce the bus of the week winners. If your camper’s bus wins Bus of the Week, make sure to congratulate them – it’s a big deal in our world!


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