G3 Blog Week 2

This week G3 had a blast on Monday from jewelry making and basketball to their majors. They were very surprised by the intruder drill, but handled it very well. Tuesday there were some nervous campers on the climbing tower but all the other girls were very supportive of each other and after we took a beautiful group picture. For minors most of us were together in ceramics but everybody enjoyed resardless of what they chose. Wednesday we had outdoor ceramics in the morning which was a blast because of how familiar they all are with the instructor and vice versa. Gardening followed and they had the chance to see baby birds in a nest. For free swim we ended up running around in the sprinklers which was eventful to say the least. Campers from other groups were chasing down counselors and many of my girls enjoyed the spectacle. Thursday came and my girls were listening, participating and just fully taking advantage of their camp experience. The girls loved the lake the most, but dance was definitely a close second. They were so into it they looked like pros. During “adventure” a camper got scared at the top, but the rest of the girls were there for her to make her feel better. S’mores was a great way to round it all off, they cheered and played and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Friday is camelbeach and the girls are beyond excited. This is what they’ve been waiting for all week. My girls plan on continuing this superb behavior to finish out the trip strong.

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