G1 Blog Week 2

This week in Yomi Seniors, the Radiant Raptors experienced their first zip lining experience of the summer. On Monday, we also had camp picture day! The girls also had their fair share of sports this week. On Tuesday, we enjoyed soccer, and the next day, we engaged in an intense game of Knockout at basketball. On Wednesday, instead of free swim, as usual, we got to have fun in the sprinklers! Our group also had their second week of majors and minors, which included ceramics, photography, Laugh it Out, Zumba, studio art, and Legorobotics. On Thursday, we began our first overnight at Pinemere Camp. There we completed a ropes course, swam in a lake, hung out with alpacas and goats, and made homemade mosquito repellent. On our last day this week, we spent our time at the wave pool and intense water slides. Well, Radiant Raptors, this was an adventurous week!

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