Week 1B Blog – Group 24

Hey group 24!!! Us campers and counselors had a terrific first (almost full) week at camp Yomi this week. We started of the week calmly with some painting and drawing where all the campers drew some really cool robots. After swim, we had a silly and fun time at circus arts and ended off the day with yomi-lectives. On Tuesday, we started off strong with lacrosse where everyone showed off their amazing skills of throwing and catching the ball. We moved onto the climbing tower, the most exciting activity by far. We hoped to end off the day with some games of tennis and soccer, but the rain unfortunately stopped us. After our day off for the Fourth of July, we resumed camp with Zumba, which was so exciting and fun for all the campers and counselors as well. We later experienced an incredible adventure in nature, and then ended off the day with yomi-lectives once again. Unfortunately because of the rain on Friday we weren’t able to spend much time at the campgrounds as we hoped to, but we still had a great time nonetheless as we had a camp wide Shabbat! We can’t wait for even more fun next week. That’s all for now, Empire State Timbs signing off!!


It has been such a hot summer so far and we can’t wait to dive into even more summer fun at the pool! We started instructional swim this week and look forward to helping your camper build on their skills in the coming weeks.

Just as a reminder, each day campers have a free and instructional swim period. Campers receive swim instruction from American Red Cross Certified lifeguards and instructors. After each camper is evaluated on their swim skills, they are placed into their appropriate swim groups with respective bracelet color.

The swim levels are:

Blue: Wader, Splasher, and Guppy

Orange: Tadpole, Minnow, and Goldfish

Red: Catfish, Dolphin, Marlin, Barracuda, Shark, and Killer Whale

To get more information on the objectives of each swim level, please check out the document section located on the left side of your parent portal www.92y.org/mycamp. The levels are listed under “Swim Information 2018”.

If you have any specific questions about swim, feel free to email Nina, Swim Director, at CampSwim@92y.org or leave a voicemail at 212.415.5643 ext. 3

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