Group 15 Blog, Week 1

This week group 15, the “Valiant Voyagers,” traveled around camp to some awesome activities! We started our week off with gardening, where we learned about plants and vegetables like celery and onions. Then we flew around on the flying squirrel and had a blast! Charles and Max went super high and Leila was able to face her fear of heights and get on as well; she ended up having so much fun! Next we made our way to painting and drawing after lunch and made drawings of what’s above and below ground. We drew roots, trees, and lava! We had campers like Lydea who were great at helping clean up every time we were at our table. Throughout the week we splashed around in the pool. Aiden, Madeline, and Nora played with beach balls and were thrilled by the refreshing water at the end of each hot day. At soccer, Syler, Jacob, and Eric played hard and scored impressive goals and even made stupendous saves. Sienna and Adam helped demonstrate at Circus arts; Adam did great on the Chinese yo-yo; and Sienna balanced a spinning plate on a stick with one foot up! Later at archery, our very own Isabella scored a bullseye! Zumba was a blast and Allison impressed us all with her great moves. At nature, Maya helped find a lot of bugs and seeds! We had a great time this week at Camp Yomi and we cannot wait until next week!

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