Group 16 Blog, Week 1

The first week of camp was a load of fun for Group 16, the “Superstar Sailors”! Getting into the swing of things and getting to know each other was easy-peasy for superstars like us. First, we ran our way over to soccer where we played our hearts out in a competitive match; which ended in two swift goals from the red jersey team. Next up, we sat down to enjoy a delicious shabbat feast of grape juice and challah while listening to songs performed on stage. Shortly thereafter, we hopped and bopped our way over to pop fit kids, where we mastered red light green light one two three and fit fit run (duck duck goose). After lunch we dribbled our way over to basketball, and made buckets with coach Dion; plus, we picked up a few tips and tricks along the way. Finally, to top off a hot day, we jumped into the pool with a big refreshing splash, where we played all sorts of games with the counselors while taking our swim tests to find out what bracelet color we were. Sadly, week one is over, but we can’t wait to return well-rested and ready for all the excitement in week two!

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