Group 14 Blog, Week 1

The Extraordinary Explorers launched into the first week of camp with enormous enthusiasm. The first day was fun packed with lots of games, including many that helped us get to know all of Group 14s awesome new friends! One of them was the fun name game where all of the campers did a dance and said their names, but it was also challenging because you not only had to repeat and remember all the names of every camper in the group! This fun game, with just a touch of difficulty, made sure that counselors and kids alike learned each other’s names in no time. Next, we had a fun first couple of activates, Nature and Improv. At Nature we learned about all the cool maple trees and mushrooms and other parts of nature on our beautiful campgrounds. As the kids marveled at the trees above, you would have thought they were under a spell. Later, we had a delicious lunch of chicken fries and string beans. And at the end of the day, we went swimming everyone was tested and everyone also had a fun time with the pool beach balls. Later that week we enjoyed even more activities and, although there was rain, it didn’t stand a chance against the fun we were having! The¬†Extraordinary Explores had an amazing first week and can’t¬†wait for those to come!

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