Group 12 Blog, Week 1

The Silly Sightseers had a super¬†first week of camp! Our days were filled with fun and teamwork! Starting on wondrous Wednesday, the Silly Sightseers had a chance to show off their bold baseball skills! Later, coding was a fantastically fun way for the campers to use their insightful brains to crack the clues of the Minecraft game. At our nature activity, the campers successfully studied the different kinds of trees that live with us on our campgrounds! Shortly thereafter,¬†Thursday rolled around during which the campers got to explore the symbolic, meaningful messages locked away in art in Arts & Crafts. They also got a chance to draw their very own self-portraits, and the counselors marveled at the diversity of artistic choices they made. Later at Archery, they were taught how to successfully shoot a bow and arrow! All of the days ended with a splash, as campers eagerly rushed over to swim, where campers and counselors alike played games fun water games! The Silly Sighters can’t wait to see what next week has in store!

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