Week 1 Blog – Group 28

Week 1 was fun and full of thrilling activities for Group 28. Wednesday was such an exciting day, as we started off with pioneering where we learned how to navigate and survive in the woods! We then dived right into swim where we took our swim tests and then had fun playing in the pool. The rain couldn’t stop us at outdoor ceramics! We were so lucky there was no class inside the ceramics building so we got to go inside and make awesome pinch pot baskets. After free swim, Group 28 showed off our kickball skills! Thursday was expected to be a very cloudy raining day but luckily the weather was the total opposite once we arrived at camp! We got to go to all four activities without the interruption of the weather. In photography, we were put into groups of three’s and had to complete a photography scavenger hunt. We had so much fun taking pictures of nature and each other. We then Following an awesome free swim period, we proved that we were tennis pros. It was awesome seeing everyone enjoying the game. After sweating so much at tennis Group 28 was so excited to go to swimming again. Afterward, we ended the day with our first yomilectives. We talked about it all day and were so happy to go to the activities. Friday we showed our agility skills at pop fit kids!  It was like a mini obstacle course. We also showed off some of our best chef (and eating) skills at what some may call camps best activity: COOKING. We were excited to cook and eat the delicious snack. We, of course, like every Friday had Shabbat where we sang songs. We finished the day showing off our coolest dance moves at Zumba which the kids had a blast at. We can’t wait for next week and what it brings to group 28.

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