Week 1 Blog – Group 27

Group 27, The Liberty Ballers had a blast in their first week of camp, with lots of exciting activities and loads of energy! This week the sun was out and about and shining down on all our happy campers. We all got to play fun icebreakers and “get to know you games” where each camper told a little bit about themselves and what made them true New Yorkers. Next, Group 27 took on both the rain and heat wave we had this week by streamlining through swim testing and exciting free swim activities. We then had an exciting time in our Indoor Ceramics class, making our own 4th of July baskets in honor of Independence Day. Group 27 found their inner superstar athlete skills in Lacrosse this week, by showing off their footwork and catching skills. We also enjoyed playing Newcomb Volleyball in the cool summer breeze. The Liberty Ballers also took on their first round of Yomi-lectives, in which campers got to enjoy specific activities, of their choosing, in more depth. These included Farm to Table, horseback riding, Pioneering, Coding/Lego Robotics, and many more! We finished up our week with some awesome Arts and Crafts, and our energetic cheering with our newfound friends at camp. As exciting as our first week was, the Liberty Ballers can’t wait to bounce on into next week’s activities which hold even more fun! We all hope you enjoy your weekends and tune in next week for more on our exciting camp experience!

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