Week 1 Blog – Group 26

The terrific taxis bounded into their first week of camp! We started our first day back with baseball where the taxis zoomed their way around the field and practiced batting, as well. Then, we headed our way to swim where our taxis suddenly grew some gills! We all had a blast together in the water and were so glad to cool off. At jewelry, we got to make some cool USA bracelets and they all looked super cool. We went home super happy and excited for Camp. Even though it rained at first on Thursday, we couldn’t be held down. We dashed to Camp and had quite a ball! And, when the sun came out the day got even better. We showed off our soccer skills and made some far out robots on painting and drawing. We all went home with gigantic smiles on our faces. Once Friday rolled around, we were so excited to get back to Camp. We had a blast in the pool as we cooled off from the hot sun! We also went to Shabbat where we listened to some great tunes and sang along, as well. Now, that the week is over we are so happy to be back at camp. It has been the greatest first week ever and we are so excited to be coming back this Monday! Have a good weekend and we’ll see you on Monday!

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