Week 1 Blog – Group 24

Group 24 was super excited for the first week of camp! We began by completing exciting icebreaker activities so we could learn more about each other.  Our first activity was ceramics where we made beautiful baskets for the Fourth of July. This week, we also enjoyed gymnastics where all of us learned to do rolls while also working together as a team to complete tricky obstacles. Group 24 got technical at   Lego Robotics where we built and operated our own robots! Even though this week was short, we sprinted into our yomilective classes such as Farm-to-Table, Horseback Riding, Baseball, and many more!   We showed our green thumb at gardening and learned about the grape vines camp Yomi is growing. Soon the grapes will be red and we can eat them. Yum!  We stayed nice and cool by swimming our way around the pool.  We swam, and played pool games such as water volleyball! Group 24 ended the week celebrating Shabbat where we all got to eat challah and drink juice. We can’t wait for what next week has in store!

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