Week 1 Blog – Group 23

What an exciting start to our summer! Although we started off Camp with less than desired weather, Group 23, the Subway Surfers, made sure to bring on the energy have a great time in all of our activities. We began with painting and drawing, creating stories for our robot friends out of oil pastels and had yoga, where we learned moves included in the sun salutation and became “one with nature”.  We also participated in flying squirrel, facing our fears and flying high. Our week continued with cooking, where we incorporated some healthy fruits into making delicious nachos, along with Jewish culture, learning about the meaning of Shabbat and its blessings. Our swim periods have been filled with tons of fun pool games and cheer-offs as we cooled off from the heat. Group 23 ended our first week at camp with more athletic activities such as gymnastics and Pop Fit Kids, all while keeping hydrated and sun screened in the heat.  We look forward to having our first full week of camp soon, and hope that everyone in Group 23 has a blast this summer!

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