Week 1 Blog – Group 22

The first week of camp was a blast of fun for the Group 22 Pigeons! We were all super excited to dive into camp and get to know each other! First, we flew our way to basketball where we learned to improve our ball handles through drills and exercises while also hitting some amazing shots from way downtown! After that, we splashed our way through the swim tests to know which swim groups everyone was going to for instructional swim throughout the summer. Next, we kicked our way onto the soccer field where we had an electrifyingly competitive match. The Yellow Jersey team hit a crazy buzzer beater at the last second to tie the game! Painting and drawing rolled by, where we all released our inner Michaelangelos and painted some amazingly detailed symmetrical robots. We also got to play floor hockey, where the Orange and Yellow teams clashed off against one another. Finally, we ended the week with a Shabbat celebration, where we sang and danced our hearts out to spirited cheers while eating delicious challah and drinking thirst quenching grape juice. With week one complete, we are all super excited to rest up and get ready for our second week of Camp Yomi fun!

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