Group 21 Blog, Week 1

Wow, what an incredible beginning to the “Terrific Travelers’” journey through Camp Yomi! On Wednesday, we started the day off with super silly stretches in Yomi Yoga! Next we went full ninja mode in the fantastic Rope course. After that, we created cool collages in awesome Arts and Crafts. When we were done, the terrific travelers took a terrific journey to the field and played Mr. Fox, with tons of close, exciting rounds. After we were done in the field, the Terrific Travelers trail blazed to the coding center where we solved super serious, tricky puzzles. At the end of the day the Terrific Travelers traveled to the pool and splish splashed in the super cool water! Thursday, we took charge in the the kitchen and made crunchy, yummy apple nachos. When we were done with our tasty treats, we journeyed over to the zapping zip-line and zipped over all of our camp Yomi friends. On Friday, the Terrific Travelers took a terrific trip to the field and got sweaty with some super fun soccer. After that, we got groovy with our dances moves at Zumba. When our daytime dances came to an end , we did the moonwalk over to jewelry making and made some dazzling USA-bracelets. Then, as usual, we concluded the day with two back-to-back periods in the pool. So sure, the weekends’ cool, but camp Yomi is awesome. And that’s why we can’t wait to do it all again, next week.

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