Group 19 Blog, Week 1

In our first week of camp, Group 19, the “World Wanderers,” waltzed right into Wednesday, or, to be more precise, pioneering, where we learned how to work as a team to solve tricky puzzles. Afterwards, we bounced over to baseball and coach showed us how to hold, swing, and release a bat just right. Not to mention how to make a crazy dash to first base! We all played like superstars during soccer and learned a ton about robots in lego robotics; we also learned about coding during Lego robotics. On Thursday the kids had a blast — a messy one at that — making little buckets during ceramics. Later, during swim, the kids laughed and yelled with excitement as we passed around a big bouncy ball. On Friday we all did our best Michael Jordan impression during basketball and drew like Picasso during painting and drawing. Naturally, when Shabbat came around, and the music began, “The World Wanderers” were among the first to jump up and dance. We all left camp on Friday with anticipation for next week, and we just can’t wait to see each other again.

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