Group 17 Blog, Week 1

The Courageous Cruisers zoomed right into the first week! We started the week off with one of our favorites, Ceramics! There, we made some awesome 4th of July pots that we painted in red and blue! It really got us excited to see the fireworks on 4th of July! We also started the week geared up to play Tennis with the super cool coach, Mango! We learned to correctly hit the ball over the net with intense accuracy and even beat some of our counselors in a game! It rained hard this week, but that only pushed the counselors to get more creative with our activities! We cooked some deliciously amazing s’more nachos with bananas, Marshmellows, chocolate, and granola! On Friday we had Shabbat, where we enjoyed some tasty challah and grape juice. Then, together, we danced to the songs of the Shabbatoons! When it wasn’t raining, the sun was beaming. And so, since our frequent water breaks just weren’t enough, we topped off each day with a well-deserved swim!┬áIt felt so refreshing to walk into the pool and swim like dolphins! Courageous Cruisers had an amazing time this week at camp and can’t wait for the next one!

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