Group 13 Blog, Week 1

After a thrilling parent night on Thursday, group 13, The Jazzy Jetsetters, reunited on Wednesday and the excitement hasn’t stopped since.  We leapt right into a friendly, yet competitive game of soccer. The amount of sportsmanship, and energy was amazing to see in the first hours of camp. The Jazzy Jetsetters then cooled off and relaxed in Yoga and got to know each other by sharing their favorite yoga poses. Returning and new campers quickly became part of The Jazzy Jetsetters and Unit 2 family at Camp Yomi. Group 13 was able to bring all their energy and excitement to a thrilling game of baseball! The counselors couldn’t be prouder of this group because regardless of the skill level of each camper, The Jazzy Jetsetters never stopped supporting and motivating each other to succeed in hitting some really great home runs! After this really great game, the group got to cool off in the pool and get to know each other in a fun game of water tag as well as Marco Polo! On Thursday, group 13 bonded even more through name games as well as a game of Red Light Green Light and What Time is it Mr. Fox? The Jazzy Jetsetters then went to art and created imaginary underground scenes. We then got into a action-packed, surprising game of kickball where the campers beat the counselors by 10 points! It was incredible! We’ve never seen group 13 be more of a team! Friday, The Jazzy Jetsetters got to show off their jazzy dance moves and spirit at Shabbat! We are so sad week one came to a close, but we hope everyone has an amazing weekend and we’ll see you on Monday for an exciting and spirited second week!

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