Group 9 Blog – Week 1

Group 9’s first week at Yomi went swimmingly! The Swimming Sea Dragons dove into the first day of camp with gusto! We started off our Wednesday by turning our name/fun fact introductions into a game, where our counselors guessed each camper’s names and favorite color. Everyone was super excited about our game and it was such a fun way to get to know each other. Then our group went to the very first swim of this summer!  We all spent our pool time relaxing and having a great time in the water. In our Arts and Crafts period, our campers made self portraits so good, it was like looking into a mirror! We also had a great time in Soccer and Zumba where everyone worked up a sweat. On Thursday, we all went to film-making, where everyone got to be directors and make a special group 9 video! We then had some fun at the Jewish Culture station where we learned more about Shabbat!  On Friday, we got to celebrate Shabbat with all of Unit 1 and one of our very own counselors won counselor of the week!  We’re looking forward to next week! Have a wonderful 4th of July!

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