Group 7 Blog – Week 1

For the first week of camp, group 7 (A.K.A The Golden Goldfish) got to know each other with a name game. Each camper said their name and a few things about themselves. The Golden Goldfish also played a game of soccer with everyone split up into three teams! Next, The Golden Goldfish also made some amazing nature collages in arts and crafts. Group 7 had fun making fourth of July themed bracelets and necklaces in jewelry making and hit many home-runs in baseball! We then had fun bouncing on the trampoline and balancing on the balance beam during gymnastics. The Golden Goldfish also learned about calming their mind and body in yoga. On Friday, The Golden Goldfish danced and celebrated Shabbat together with all of Unit 1! We can’t wait for next week and the new exciting activities to come! Have a good weekend!

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