Group 6 Blog – Week 1

What a wonderful first few days of camp the Jolly Jellyfish had! On Wednesday, we played soccer with our new camp friends and even got to score against the counselors!  During gymnastics we jumped on a trampoline and in yoga, we did silly poses with our partners. On Thursday, we made self portraits and added something unique to them. Some of us added our parents, friends, and even pets in our portraits! Next, we took our baseball skills to the field and played a great game. Then we left our bats and gloves behind and started to learn about the different leaves and trees on our very own camp grounds! We even saw mushrooms growing right near our shelter! On Friday, we got to visit the garden and dance will all of Unit 1 at Shabbat.  Above all, we can all agree that swimming is the best part of the day. From racing from one end of the pool to the other, going underwater and practicing our swim skills with the life guards, it’s always a fun time! We can’t wait for more fun activities and cheers for next week.

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