Blog: Group 4 Week 1

Group 4 was super excited to start off our rockin’ summer with some getting to know you games on the Unit K field! Once we all got to meet our new summer friends, the Rockin’ Raindrops couldn’t wait to get in the pool! We practically swam like fishes even when it started to drizzle. After a delicious lunch, we danced like crazy at Zumba–we had so much fun we didn’t even break a sweat! Our next activity was improv, and it was super silly. We played a game called “Screenshot” and pretended to be things we find in pictures, like tall trees and sand at the beach! The next day we started making shooting stars to decorate the shelter. We absolutely loved Jamming at Music with Nelson, we sang so loud that the entire camp could hear us! We had so much fun at Shabbat, singing and dancing along to the Shabbatones and enjoying this special time with our counselors and new friends.

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