Blog: Group 3 Week 1

And so Yomi begins! Group 3, The Astro Aliens, soared into the week with some getting to know you games like “Where the Wind Blows”. They quickly realized how much they have in common with their summer friends! The campers were excited to then get in the pool and splash along with their counselors and new friends. Later in the day, the campers brought out their giggles at Improv Acting when they made silly animal noises. Group 3 showed off their green thumbs in gardening and then did some “movie magic” with the greenscreen in filmmaking! On Thursday we started the day with ceramics where the campers sculpted some beautiful pinch pots that they can take home in the next few weeks! We then swung into summer fun during baseball at the Mets field. After running around the bases like crazy, we had a blast making music and preparing for Shabbat at Jewish Culture. On Friday, we started off with imagination playground, where we got to play with huge blue foam blocks. The Campers went wild with their imaginations, building towers, slides, and whatever else they could think of. During Shabbat, we listened and sang along to some fun songs and danced with our counselors and friends. Everyone enjoyed the challah and grape juice snack! On this hot Friday, we enjoyed swiming in the nice cool pool! Zumba and soccer were great afternoon activities to cap off a great first week to what will be an amazing summer.

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