Blog: Group 2 Week 1

Group 2, The Shining Stars, had an amazing first week of camp! The rain could not stop us from having a blast! We played lots of getting to know you games and a fun game of “Fishy Fishy Cross My Ocean”. At soccer we were all World Cup Champions, even beating our counselors in a game! On Thursday we played “What Time Is It Mr. Fox?” in the pool and had so much fun keeping cool! During jewelry making, we made 4th of July themed jewelry, and then cheered lots of our favorite new songs on our way to the next activity! Then, we got our best smiles on as we went to photography and took some wonderful pictures of the garden! On Friday, The Shining Stars celebrated Shabbat for the very first time at camp! We had a wonderful time singing songs and dancing with our counselors. Group 2 cannot wait to find out what new adventures we are going to have next week.

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