Blog: Group 1 Week 1

Group 1, the Happy Hot Air Balloons, had an amazing first week of camp! ON Wednesday, the group played getting to know you games during fun station! WE had so much fun learning about all of our new friends. Next, we had soccer where we played a silly “Pacman” game with the goals and played on the blue, rainbow, and red teams. The Happy Hot Air Balloons were good sports and showed off their awesome athletic skills. Later we had ceramics where we created and decorated beautiful pinch pots. On Thursday, we had an amazing time playing “Steal the Ball” because we got to run around on the field and see who is fastest! After lunch, we zoomed through the sky on the mini zip where we cheered our new friends on as they soared through the air. At Jewelry Making we all had so much fun making July 4th themed bracelets. On Friday, group 1 started off the day by learning some new Shabbat songs and snacking on grape juice and challah. On this hot Friday, we cooled off at the pool and then had a blast jumping on the trampoline at gymnastics! We can’t wait for all the fun to come next week!

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