Swim Welcome Message

Dear Parents of Yomi, Yomi Seniors, Ilanot Campers, and Tova and Bari Tov campers,

Welcome to Summer 2018! After being a Unit 2 Head Counselor, I am thrilled to be returning to the 92Y Camps as your Swim Director. During the school year I teach 3rd grade special education in an inclusion classroom. I am really looking forward to making the swim program safe and fun for your campers!

Nearly one third of the camp day takes place at the pool. Campers have both a free and instructional swim period each day. On the first day of camp, certified instructors test all campers based on American Red Cross (ARC) standards. Lifeguards are trained to ensure that campers feel comfortable during their swim tests. Please note that campers will be placed into swim groups based on this initial test; 92Y Camps will not accept ARC cards because we need to assess campers’ swim abilities first hand. Similarly, returning campers’ instructional placements will be based on the results of their 2018 swim test alone. Swim instruction begins once all testing is complete, usually by the second or third day of camp. Campers starting camp later in the summer will be tested and placed into a swim group on their first day.

Safety is extremely important at Camp Yomi. Accordingly, we use color-coded bracelets to identify campers’ swim abilities. Wader, Splasher, and Guppy groups (ARC Level 1) wear blue bracelets; Tadpole, Minnow, and Goldfish (ARC Level 2) wear orange bracelets; and Catfish and above (ARC Level 3) wear red bracelets. The Board of Health mandates that campers wear the correct swim bracelet, and all campers will wear blue bracelets until swim testing is completed. Only Level 3 swimmers (red bracelets) are allowed to use the waterslide or swim in deep water. Below, you will find detailed descriptions of each swim level, along with their associated skills.

High swim standards are set by the ARC not only to ensure safety but also to promote consistency and accuracy. All campers are evaluated throughout the summer—the lifeguards will advance campers in their instructional swim groups as soon as they have achieved the learning targets. While campers may not experience “re-tests” that resemble their initial swim test, the instructors formally assess campers’ swim skills throughout each lesson. Because the swim instructors determine who is ready to move up every Thursday, there should be no need to request individual re-evaluations. Please remind campers that safety is our number one priority; all improvements in swim ability represent success, and campers will change groups based on their individual progress, as assessed by their instructors.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns you may have about our swim program at (212) 415-5643 ext. 3 or via email at campswim@92y.org. I am very excited to meet you and get to know your campers as they learn and have a wonderful summer in the pool!

Nina Furfaro
92Y Camps Swim Director 2018



Blue Bracelets


Follows all pool rules
Safely enters and exits pool without hesitation
Floats on stomach and holds air correctly (can hold a big breathe to float)
Beginning flutter kick on front


Enters water without help
Exits water without help
Successfully does a slide-in entry
Walks in water comfortably up to their chest
Flutter kick on front and back with support


Fully submerges their body (including head) for 5 seconds
With face in water, blows bubbles with mouth
With face in water, blow bubbles through nose
Cups hands to hold water
Uses cupped hands to push water
Floats on back while supported by an instructor
Floats on stomach while supported by an instructor
Successfully flutter kicks for 15 seconds
Holds breath underwater for 7 seconds
Successfully floats with arms in a front crawl position
Successfully pulls through while in a front crawl motion

Orange Bracelets


Successfully floats unsupported by an instructor
Successfully floats while using a flutter kick
Demonstrates rhythmic breathing (without lifting head, can breathe to side)
Successfully floats on back, unsupported
Successfully floats on back with rhythmic, correct backstroke arm motion
Demonstrates basics of rescue breathing


Successfully retrieves objects underwater
Successfully prone glides with flutter kick
Demonstrates basic combined front crawl (combines arm pull and kick in a rhythmic motion; is able to maintain correct body position)
Successfully turns over from their back to front
Correct body position on back with flutter kick (flat on top of the water)


Successfully back floats without support from instructor
Demonstrates rhythmic breathing while on front
Demonstrates combined front crawl with stamina
Demonstrates combined back crawl with stamina
Completes orientation to deep water (can safely tread water for 1 minute, demonstrates comfort, floating, and crawl in deep water)

Red Bracelets (eligible for water slide)


Continuously treads water for 2 minutes in deep water
Demonstrates rhythmic breathing with stamina
Able to swim at least 20 yards crawl/freestyle with rhythmic breathing and c
Demonstrates correct body position and no disruption of the stroke when a breath is taken; swimmers’ bodies roll side to side as arms stroke for both freestyle/crawl and backstroke.


Demonstrates crawl stroke with finger tip entry (hand slices into water directly in line with shoulder)
Completely bobs head 15 times in water
Completes the front crawl with stamina, able to maintain correct arm pull directly under body
Completes the back crawl with stamina, able to rotate body while swimming, maintain correct (still) head position
Can successfully reverse direction while on their front
Can successfully reverse direction while on their back
Follows all diving rules


Demonstrate streamline position (interlocked fingers, aligned with head, legs parallel to bottom) for distance
Demonstrates breath control
Push off wall at angle, able to demonstrate reversing direction while swimming
Able to experiment with buoyancy
Refine front crawl and kick


Demonstrates 15 deep water bobs
Experiments with floating positions
Demonstrates front crawl w/ rotary breathing (swimmer breathes by rolling body from side to side, rather than lifting his or her head)
Able to scull on back for 15 sec
Successfully completes a back crawl for 25 yards
Completes the basics of breaststroke for 25 yards


Demonstrates the elementary backstroke for 25 yards
Successfully completes the breaststroke kick for 10 yards
Intro to a wall front flip turn (rather than an open wall turn)
Treads water for 2 minutes straight
Completes a ‘standing dive’
Able to successfully review rescue breathing

Killer Whale

Completes a front crawl for 25 yards
Completes a back crawl for 25 yards
Displays breaststroke arms for 10 yards
Able to wall turn (front flip)
Intro to wall turn (back flip turn)
Familiar with rescue breathing
Familiar with CPR
Displays the basics of sidestroke

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