Yomi Unit 4 letter

Dear Yomi Unit 4 Families,

As the most senior campers we offer something special for Unit 4. Campers can enroll in programs aligned to their interests. We have developed three tracks for this upcoming summer:

Active Track: This track is perfect for your energetic, sports loving campers! Active groups will have 3 actives and one creative daily. Campers will still have their choice of Yomi-lective (creative or active).

Actives Include:

Kickball                                 Yoga

​​​​​Gaga                                      Flag Football

​​​​Floor Hockey                      Soccer

Basketball                           ​​​​Baseball

​​​​​Sand Volleyball                  Field Games

Krav Magra                         ​​​​Lacrosse

Tennis​​​​​                                   Frisbee

​​​Dance                                   Gymnastics

​​​​PopFit Kids                          ​​​Zumba

Creative Track: This track is for our Yomi campers who enjoy the arts and music. Creative groups will be scheduled for 3 creatives and 1 active daily. Campers will still have their choice of Yomi-lective (creative or active).

Creatives Include:

Percussion                          ​​Ceramics

​​​​Art & Art Bash                   Coding​​

​​​Film Making                       ​​​​Cooking​

Painting & Drawing          ​​​Music with Nelson

​​​Jewelry Making                 Jewish Studies

​​​​Nature​​                                  ​​​Gardening​

Dance                                   ​​​​​Pioneering​​​

Traditional Track: This will be a traditional Yomi camp group, with a balance of actives and creatives throughout the day and week.

Campers will be grouped based on their tracks. We will only be able to accommodate group friend requests for campers participating in the Traditional Track.  Additionally, we will not be able to guarantee that groups will be 50% male and female.

Below are some questions and answers we hope you find helpful when choosing the best track for your camper:

  • Q: Will campers still have a chance to participate in rope activities?
    A: All campers will get two rope activities this summer, regardless of track
  • Q: What are the elective choices?
    A: Campers will have their choice of elective, regardless of track
  • Q: How will Wacky Wednesday affect tracks?
    A: Wacky Wednesday is a neutral day, as Units will develop activities and special events
  • Q: Will there be Shabbat for all campers?
    A: All campers will participate in Shabbat and Shabbat activities on Friday
  • Q: How will group requests be considered this summer?
  • A: Please see above

We are very excited about the diversity of choice and the individualization these programs will give to our campers and families. Please indicate on your child’s parent portal if you want to enroll in the Active or Creative track.

Should you have any questions about the track program, please do not hesitate to contact the camps office at 212-415-5573 or e-mail Ivy Manheim, Camp Yomi Director at IManheim@92Y.org.


Lauren Wexler                                                   ​​​​Ivy Manheim​​​​

Director of Camps                                             ​​​Yomi Director​​​


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