7 Days of Genius NYC: Solving Community Problems through Tech

To celebrate #7DaysofGenius, NYCFIRST STEM Center hosted a Hackathon.  Students received an introduction to Python and Raspberry Pi and used their skills to solve a local problem. 

What was the topic of your event? 

We explored how to improve the relationship with the New York City community of Roosevelt island.

What new or innovative ideas were discussed or presented? 

The students used what they learned to ask how to implement technological solutions to improve communication — from a buzzer, to a light prompt to a screen.

How does your event contribute to a larger conversation or thinking about a global challenge in a new way? 

Students were encouraged to understand that problems can be solved within a community; that ideas can be rapidly prototyped for relatively cheap as a proof of concept; and that students have the capability to make change.

Did your Genius event lead to new action or opportunities for your community?

One of the students who participated has taken the topic of communication with Roosevelt Island as her personal project for the semester. She wishes to create a working prototype for the space, and will be working with the rest of the participants to get support to do so.

Blog prepared by Tayla Stein from NYCFIRST STEM Center. 

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