7 Days of Genius Guatemala City: Genius Talent & Thinking

For #7DaysofGenius, Guatemala’s NetSquared Meetup and Grafiatec organized a series of events through out the week, including a visit of 80 talented students from Universidad del Valle to Campus Tec, a main event on Campus Tec with over 20 visitors and several satellite events around Guatemala City.

What was the topic of your event?

Our events highlighted local tech talent in Guatemala.

What new or innovative ideas were discussed or presented? 

We explored how to use technology for visually impaired individuals, how to use design thinking to new technlogy, innovation, entrepreneurship, science and explored new technology being developed in Guatemala.

How does your event contribute to a larger conversation or thinking about a global challenge in a new way?

We are trying to incoporate our national agenda with the worldwide agenda. We are focused on the use of technology and innovation locally in our country and how it intersects with the rest of the world.

Did your Genius event lead to new action or opportunities for your community?

We established an agenda for developing technology for visually impaired, implementing a national girls and technology chapter and new paths for our entrepreneurs and innovators to implement their initiatives.

Blog post prepared by Maria Zaghi. 


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