Shared Studios Connects Amman, Jordon and Mexico City

On March 15, Shared Studios engaged with participants in Mexico City, with the idea of creating empathy with people from different backgrounds and culture. Through their innovative and intimate Portal technology, users were able to connect with others in Amman, Jordan from Mexico City, Mexico.

Portals are an immersive space equipped with a camera and a human-scale screen that enables anyone who walks in to have what feels like a face-to-face conversation with anyone, anywhere in the world. Read more in Fast Company

Through this unique experience, participants were able to cross boundaries and openly explore what Arabic and Mexican culture have common (a lot!); not only in language, but also in tradition. They also learned how to respond tolerantly to others by acknowledging that there’s nothing better than to learn from someone from a different culture.

Mexico City Portal curator, Thomas Ramírez states, “People were really curious about learning about Jordanian culture. I think we opened a window that will lead them to research more about Arabic and Muslim culture.”

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