Architect Students Discuss ‘Health for the Future’ in Bucharest

On March 9, Seneka Anticafe in association with ECOWEEK, hosted a 7 Days of Genius workshop with the focus of promoting health and improving life overall in cities. 


Roughly 60 architects and architecture students explored design interventions in the gardens of two major public hospitals in Bucharest. In addition, leading Romanian architect Dorin Stefan introduced his current projects with the students at the University of Bucharest titled “The Housing for 2060”.  Following Stefan’s presentation, the participants and speaker formed a ‘round-table’ to discuss housing and living patterns, habitat and traditions, and how fundamental views often differ between the architectural community and society.  

The students then organized in teams to oversee design interventions in the gardens of two major public hospitals in Bucharest. The group plans to meet again on April 10-16, to continue brainstorming and develop a design strategy. Longterm, they hope to apply for a grant from the Chamber of Architects in Romania to implement their idea. 

This 7 Days of Genius event enabled a space where students can turn conversation into action. It facilitated the opportunity for students to not only to raise and discuss issues, but to also act and do something about them.

To learn more about ECOWEEK Genius, click here.


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