Thessaloniki, Greece Explores Genius Designs for their Community

On March 10, in Thessaloniki, Greece, AKTO College of Art & Design and ECOWEEK hosted a 7 Days of Genius event where local designers, students and architects presented their ideas to improve life in Thessaloniki for all. These ideas covered the areas of  health, environmental awareness, and explored new ways locals and tourists can integrate meaningful experiences in Thessaloniki. 


The event offered a fertile platform for debate and discussion among the more than 60 young professionals and students who attended the event, all of whom are concerned with, and affected by, the current economic difficulties in Greece. The event also gave them the opportunity to share new ideas, to network, and hopefully, to form new partnerships. 

Here’s a rundown of projects presented to the group:

– ‘K&K Architects’ (Katerina Kotzia and Korina Filoxenidou) and the students of AKTO College of Art & Design (Mariza Tsakona and Maria-Kristina Katsouli) presented their project, ‘Speculative Spaces’ in cooperation with the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom. The project looks at how the natural landscape of Thessaloniki can inspire design for public spaces in London. 

– ‘Breath Inn’ (Ioanna Mikrou) presented their innovative approach to rehabilitating historic buildings using sustainable and recycled materials. 

– ‘Rhoeco’ (Harrys Kazas, Katerina Chatziangellaki, and Vaya Mitsiou) presented a newly-established start-up of fine organic teas inspired by and designed with ecology in mind. The Rhoeco products are caffeine free, without artificial flavors, sweeteners or any other forms of additives, and the company uses biodegradable packaging.

– ‘Blind + Studio & Ncube’ (Charalabos Karatzas, Nikos Taousanidis, Panagiotis Chatzis, and Dimitrios Nanos) presented their proposals to improve tourist products, services, shelters and hotels in Greece, aiming to make a positive contribution to the local economy and local community, while still raising their profit.

– ‘The Caravan Bed & Breakfast’ (Giorgos Kourtidis) presented the innovative business model behind their hotel. Their design approach to decorating the hotel includes using recycled furniture and materials. 


The Genius event at AKTO College of Art & Design in Thessaloniki successfully involved young professionals in a compelling discussion on ways to engage architects and designers in sustainability and social change.

To learn more about ECOWEEK Genius, click here!

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