Impact Hub Roma Celebrates Work, Travel & Food For Good

On March 10, Imapct Hub Roma joined 7 Days of Genius with an event called “Rome Genius Night. Create. For Good,” a storytelling panel featuring people who are trying, with their jobs, to make the world a better place.
An audience of fifty people attended the panel that explored the topics of Work, Travel and Food for Good and featured speakers who are all piloting new and innovative solutions that advance the common good by promoting social inclusion and providing new job opportunities. Each also represents an example of the 7 Days of Genius challenges to create empathy, advance public health, create the cities of the future and address the refugee crisis.  Here’s a rundown of the speakers and projects:

Matteo Mennini, head of Bambini+Diritti, is helping refugee unaccompanied kids having a home, going to school and then find a job while participating to agricultural projects.
Mauro Cipparone, an ex-manager left his corporate job to found Romaltruista, a web service that helps Roman citizens in finding volunteering opportunities.

Beatrice Busi Deriu, is founder of Ethicatering, a catering company that uses only products and services from jail prisoners and from farms that have been built on sites that once were owned by mafia.
Elena Tioli, wrote a book and blog teaching people how to do conscious choices regarding food and well-being.
Roberto Dati, owner of Retour and member of the Italian Association for Responsible Travels, discussed spreading the need to travel worldwide with a positive impact on local communities.
Ivan Fadini, is the founder of International Napoli Network, a service that brings to the poor neighborhood of the town international volunteers willing to help kids and teach English.
Impact Hub Roma’s Monica Lasaponara explained, “I believe this event contributes into engaging more people of our community in wanting to make a positive impact. We had a very productive Q&A session at the end of the panel and we firmly believe we accomplished the spirit of the 7DaysOfGenius by giving the chance to attendees to understand that “Create. For Good” is possible.”
Photos courtesy of Sara Giuliani

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