BallotReady On How to Create Trust in the Media

On Tuesday, March 7, BallotReady hosted a Genius event that discussed innovative ways to foster trust in the media.

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Four experts in the topic, Kyla Williams, Sarah Brune, Summer Fields, Maira Khwaja, explored new ideas in the world of information and media. Most of the ideas presented revolved around how to get information into the hands of news consumers, and how to better involve them in the media-creation process.

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The ideas discussed helped empower people to be actively informed about the world around them, and garner greater trust in media sources. Instead of lamenting on the idea of “fake news”, organizers thought the discussion helped think about new ways the news media can conduct its business and establish a closer relationship with those who consume media.

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Audience participants walked way knowing more about great resources in the media landscape, both regionally in Chicago, and beyond.


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