Sayfty Discusses Genius Ways to Ensure Public Safety

On March 12, in Nairobi, Kenya, Sayfty, an international nonprofit that combats gender violence, hosted a 7 Days of Genius event on the topic of public safety for women and girls.

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Together, participants proposed that a tracking device would be the best the way to alleviate the dangers in public spaces. The device would notify family members or friends whenever the user felt unsafe. It would also ensure that someone can keep track of where others are at all times.

Participants also discussed methods that harassers used in public spaces, and the best way to respond to or evade harassment.

The young women who attended the event committed to take self-defense lessons. The group also committed to train more girls from the community on how to be safe in public spaces.

Thank you to Sayfty for using the 7 Days of Genius challenge on ensuring human rights and equality to create practical and genius solutions to protect women around the world.

Learn more about Sayfty here.



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