Meeting Point Cinema hosts 7 Days of Genius in Saravejo

On Thursday March 9th, Meeting Point Cinema hosted a 7 Days of Genius event called The Human Scale of Saravejo. It was organized by ECOWEEK.


Meeting Point Cinema facilitated a workshop where participants were asked to share innovative ideas that would specifically impact communities in Saravejo.  The ideas generated during this session centered around the need for common/public spaces and the rehabilitation of the forgotten project of a Concert Hall in Sarajevo. Throughout the workshop, more than 50 ideas were collected.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 10.04.54 AM

The concepts debated during the event challenged and empowered young participants (mostly university architectural students) to be more active in community development.


This Genius event provided the opportunity to envision an alternative and more sustainable redevelopment plan of one of the main locations in the city of Sarajevo. It gave the attendees the opportunity to express their ideas and concerns by making their own sketches and to be a part of an open discussion on the topic.


Participants opened a window of opportunity to organize similar workshops, and address more locations in Sarajevo that are going through similar processes of renewal. 




This Genius event is a good example of how a community of architects – especially young architects and students – can organize and create a platform for discussion to raise concerns, and share proposals for more humane and sustainable redevelopments of their cities. 

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