Genius Exhibit Showcases the Work of Nepalese Students

As part of 7 Days of Genius, the 17th Century Patan Museum in Kathmandu featured a Genius exhibit of artwork created by students around Nepal. In the 2 weeks leading up to the event, at workshops and discussion groups hosted by arts organization Spiny Babbler, students from more than 30 participating schools in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, and Sindhupalchowk, created art on the 7 Days of Genius themes: ‘Cities & Communities of the Future,’ ‘Health, Wellness and Mindfulness,’ ‘Displacement and Migration,’ ‘Equality and Human Rights,’ and ‘News and information.’  Their work was then displayed at the Patan Museum in an exhibit visited by more than 500 people, including students and teachers, media and international visitors.
Sapna Magar, a sixth grade student from Bimal Memorial Vidhyapeet Secondary School who chose the theme of ‘Cities & Communities of the Future,’ explained the concept of her school’s artwork that featured overhead bridges in a future modern city saying that the reimagined smooth roads would “not cause delays”.

Chanda Sijapati, an elder citizen and grandmother of one of the participants observed, “By having their art exhibited here, students become sure that their creative work is appreciated and that there are people who are looking at and analyzing their work… this is a huge need in the education system that we have built for today.”

“It is amazing how children have executed their ideas. Paintings under topics such as ‘Violence against Women’ and ‘Bridging the Divide’ are exceptional in that they depict mature sentiment with realistic expressions,” remarked Judith Purdue, a British guest at the event.

Founder of Spiny Babbler, Pallav Ranjan, an artist himself, was pleased to see the understanding and creative excellence of young people. He commented, “Writers, artists, creative people can be change-makers in society and have the ability contribute to human lives in a variety of ways. Our young people have inherent talent than needs recognition, showcasing, and networks. Spiny Babbler is pleased to work with this global event to create this forum full of you Nepalese students.”
To see additional photos of Spiny Babbler’s participation in  7 Days of Genius, click here.

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