Impact Hub Budapest Explores Genius Ways to Welcome Refugees

Impact Hub Budapest welcomed 40 participants this past Tuesday to explore and discuss this year’s Genius theme, displacement and migration. Together they engaged in innovative ways to balance security while committing to opening regions to displaced persons.
Budapest 1

One idea presented to the group was a community-driven platform called, MIRA. This concept creates a matching system with refugees and volunteers interested in welcoming and assimilating refugees into their new homes. Another idea discussed was called Techfugees, which is a social enterprise co­ordinating the international tech industry’s response to needs of refugees. Volunteers that enlist in Techfugees, participate in hackathons, workshops, and other projects in the effort to generate technological solutions that fit the needs of refugees around the world.
Budapet 2
The ideas presented were all ways to amplify the narratives of migrants and seek new ways to help them integrate more easily into society. The event also found ways to foster more dialogue in a meaningful way with people who may have had different perspectives about the issue.
Melinda Varfi from Impact Hub Budapest explains that, “Extreme views and polarization are globally tending to happen. Hungary is no exception. Our workshop was aiming to bring different perspectives closer, help locals to engage in the topic and contribute to the larger conversation this way.”

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