Highlighting Female Geniuses Around The World

Superwoman Next Door is a campaign to empower and encourage every girl to look inside herself and unleash her real ‘Superpowers.’ Every girl has them but they don’t always have the spaces or opportunities to unleash them.
For 7 Days of Genius, Superwoman Next Door creator Upasana Chauhan wanted to showcase real life superwomen, some of those “hidden figures” doing incredible, if overlooked, work. Inspired by the 7 Days of Genius challenge around equality and human rights, Chauhan produced ‘7 Days 7 Superwomen from 7 Continents.’
The videos highlight women from around the world – one from each continent – doing genius work in their fields. In the video below, Nigerian artist Olutosin Oladosu talks about her initiative to use trash to create art. A domestic violence survivor herself, Oladosu has inspired other violence victims to launch their own creative projects. Her genius idea is both advancing human rights and using art for social good.
Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 1.31.26 PM
Chauhan has met many of women she is featuring and interviewed them via Skype or over the phone. She writes, “All the women that I have featured via Superwoman Next Door, I am personally inspired by them and their work. I have physically seen their challenges, and it has been exhilarating and heartening to share their work. These women are the real ‘super-sheroes’ without a doubt. They are changing the faces of women’s empowerment.”
My husband also helped edit these videos. He has been a consistent ally for women’s empowerment and helps fundraise for computers for girls education.
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