GOOD Challenges Us to Engage in Empathy via #7DaysofGenius

For this year’s 7 Days of Genius, our friends at Good are sharing stories that address some of the 7 Days of Genius challenges. This article by Sarah Kavoc looks at the challenge of empathy and how we can we encourage more empathy and connection between individuals and distinct communities. The simple, but genius solution? Read! According to several studies, reading encourages people to relate to others and introduces them to new and diverse experiences. As Kavoc explains:


Imagine if we started, as infants, hearing stories about very different human beings from our parents. Positive stories. Sad stories. Stories woven from real-life psychology. Imagine how much kinder we could be if we kept pursuing these kinds of stories throughout elementary school, high school, college, and beyond. Just as our brains develop throughout childhood and adolescence, our empathy muscle memory would develop, too.
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