Contribute to our #7DaysofGenius Video – Create for Good

Contribute to our #7DaysofGenius Video – Create for Good
Call to Action: Help Make a Crowd-Curated #7DaysofGenius Video

Description: There are over 50 #7DaysofGenius events happening around the world! We want to capture and share some of the voices and ideas that make #7DaysofGenius so great.
We’d like to create a video collage featuring #7DaysofGenius participants in cities/countries around the globe.
Here’s how you can contribute:
1. Record 1 to 2 people at your event answering the following question: What is an idea or innovation that you want to see in the future that will better the world? Why?

2. Email your video to Jason Rosenberg at
(If your file is too large to email, you can use the free service WeTransfer to send to Jason)
Some tips to remember:

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· Shoot your Genius video horizontally, not vertically
· You can use a smartphone to record
· Send your Genius video when on WiFi or download it directly from your phone to a computer and then send via computer
· Please do not delete your Genius video from your phone until we confirm receipt
If you have any questions, please contact Jason Rosenberg at

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